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Is Travel included in the booking fees?

If you book us while on a tour in your area, Yes for 100% certainty travel costs are included in fees. If you are booking our services, a travel fee usually applies: 

.50 cents per km for the first 500, then .40 cents per km, after 500km.

NOTE: Most areas in BC qualify for a flat fee of either $50, $100, $150 for travel

Will we be responsible for providing meals to your staff?

Events that are 3.5 hours or longer will require that you provide a meal or a meal supplement in cash for a minimum of 2 persons (Dj & Bodyguard), or at times, up to 4 of our service workers (roadies,etc). We are usually on the road and rely heavily on your cooperation in meeting our needs so we can be well fed and rested upon arrival to your event.

Will your dj or staff require accommodations ?

In some circumstances we will require you to provide accommodations or a fee to supplement expenses related to accommodations, in order for us to attend your event, rested and ready.


>>when your dj / road staff must travel several kms to an event

>>for larger events, such as festivals, or video dance parties.

What if our itinerary runs behind?

Our Dj's can be flexible in their start time however it is recommended to be within 30 minutes of the planned start time. This way a dj can still thoroughly cover the musical needs of the event and play as many of your guests' favorites.

Since you are a Secwepemc- 'Tribal-run' business - do you offer any special privelege for Indigenous groups?

Yes, of coures. We adjust our rates to reflect a 20-40% discount for INDIVIDUALS (PRIVATE bookees), who are Secwepemc. We may offer up to 30% discount for other Indigenous INDIVIDUALS who can prove First Nations ancestry.

NOTE:At this time we only offer up to 10% discount on our services delivered to Indian Bands, their Administration, OR thier associated businesses; However, we may be able to offer a greater discount if it is determined that a service is needed for the collective (band membership). For example: to host a community dance or alternative event that will greatly impact, benefit, and improve rapor among the tribal peoples ('band members') as a collective group.

If i change my mind on a booking, how much time after paying do i have to cancel and still get a full refund?

Due to the high demand for our services and the tight schedule of available dates we cannot offer full refunds past 48 hours. As soon as you book with us, our team immediately begins organizing and reserving lighting and sound equipment for your event. This means this gear will not be available for other events; hence a "kit" is prepared soly for your party. Once a booking is canceled it is much more difficult for us to rearrange or allocate the equipment. 

After 48 hours- starting from the time you booked us- you can request a refund of fees, less 50%. This is valid only up to 4 weeks prior to the event date.

If you cancel within the 4 weeks leading up to the date of the event, expect that you will not receive a refund.


What if i want a dj to play past the scheduled time.

Venue dependent, we will play overtime. Pay for this is considered a tipping royalty.

Our base % for fair overtime is charged as $100 for the first 15 minutes of overtime, then an additional $150 for each 15 minute segment thereafter!

NOTE:Overtime is performed at the sole discretion of the individual dj, and is paid directly to the dj in cash, no less than 15 minutes prior to the original scheduled end time.


Does your dj take requests?

This depends on the event and details of the booking, as well as individual dj preference.

At weddings, mostly yes, a dj is keen to play your guests favorites; in fact, we will ask for a preferred songs list from the bride and groom upon booking.

For Rave's or Dance parties, you will often find the dj is busy mixing and reading the "dance crowd" to gauge what is best played; hence they restrict how many requests they will accommodate, if any.

If you choose a senior experienced dj, or if you request a "special appearance dj" you will find they hugely restrict the playlist, as their keen observation and skill level will be what guides them to make the night run smoothly.

Of course when we play at pubs / bars, we take many requests, although there is always a component of getting and keeping the dance floor moving; When playing in a pool hall are games hall you will find this is where we will mostly play the crowds requests, and/or stick within their genres.

Also, keep in mind, for example, that if we are hosting a rewind hip hop party and you come asking for country music, the likelihood we will play much country is minimal.

Do you have any special offers for non-profit events or fundraisers?

This is highly dependent upon availability. We will always give a huge discount when we are able to take one of these bookings.

Although we used to do lots of charity work, we are limited at this time because our djs are working larger events.

The best way to ensure we are available at a discounted rate for your event is to book us on a date that is NOT on our PRIME booking days, which we reserve for elite bookings.

Please contact us to see which dates are available for your charity event.


Do you still guarantee quality services if I book a sub-contractor or mentor student through your site?

Mentor students are always our responsibility, and we assure you they have passed rigorous screening before we see them fit to perform outside our studio. Private sub-contractors have also passed our professionalism and skills screening, however, they retain sole responsibility over the success of their performance.

Regardless of whether you are dis-satisfied with their performance, or if you are extremely happy with it, please let us know. This will help us to continue to offer on-going stellar entertainment to future clients.


I'm not familiar with planning an event, Can your dj's help?

Our staff can answer questions about sound & lighting, layout or design of your guest seating, or dance floor, and we can offer various suggestions about event planning or itinerary.

Will your company include other services, such as photography, or esthetics and hair services?

YES, We may offer a package deal to include a photography and/or beauty needs.

SORRY, at this time we do not offer hair services for weddings, or otherwise. We hope to in the future though.  ;)

Do you provide Security for our Event?

We can provide security for your event at an additional cost, and depending on your event needs. Djballa through her parent company, Sound Choice Dj Productions, has created a security division called SEMEC SECURITY. We use highly experienced, military trained personelle, with more than 15 years experience in VIP bodyguard services. Our security team consists of skilled handlers for a variety of scenarios, ensuring proactive safety measures.




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